Friday, March 22, 2013

Wise GUI 1.0.1 additions

Wise core 2.0.1 and Wise webgui 1.0.1 have just been released!
The core comes with a couple of interesting new features which I introduced in the previous posts: detyped contract browsing / endpoint invocation and request message preview. This post will hence show the nice additions that webgui has just got :-)

The request parameter panel is now a multi-tab panel:

in particular the "Options" tab allows setting:

  • the username / password to be used for the actual invocation (might be different from the wsdl retrieval ones)
  • an override value for the target endpoint address (which is useful for quickly testing different endpoints conforming to the same wsdl contract)

Moreover, it's possible to get a popup window showing a preview of the SOAP request message that would be created and sent for the currently provided request parameters (no message actually goes on the wire):

Finally, should the user be interested in having a look at the actual SOAP response message that has been received upon invocation, the "View message" button shows it in another popup window:

I believe the 1.0.1 additions should further expand the set of Wise GUI usage scenarios; you can download the latest version, have a try and feel free to provide feedback :-)
Further improvements are planned for next release, possibly including a major UI change for allowing user management, so stay tuned...

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