Monday, August 10, 2009

Wise 1.1 released

Our great team is proud to announce the 1.1 release of Wise project.

This release contains only the wise-core. For the Wise-Lms module please still refer to 1.0 release.

In this version we have totally changed the way to configure Wise Core. Why? We have moved all configuration to the code, passing all (in fact few) config during WSDynamicClient instantiation. In other words we have removed our dependency on JBoss MK, to be more flexible and compatible with JBoss ESB and JBoss AS 5. Please refer to section 4 of our programmers guide for further details

Another important change is how we are managing multithread use of our API, providing a thread pool of endpoints, permitting a concurrent safe and performant invocation of WSMethod even if the used JBossWS native stack doesn't provide a threadsafe access to generated classes (see WISE-25) . In general a lot of work have been done to ensure better performance and to avoid problems in concurrent use of our API.

More samples and integration tests on support of MTOM, WS-Security, and WS-Addressing.

We have improved also Support of (J)Ruby and Groovy. The question is why Wise instead of some native Ruby/groovy WS client? For a lot of reasons, like Smooks transformation support and support of WS-*

Finally the project have been mavenized and a lot of unit, integration and stress tests have been integrated in our build lifecycle.

For more details, please have a look at our JIRA

What are next steps for the project? For sure we will work in next weeks on JBossESB integration, because we would strongly purpose Wise 1.1 integration for next version of JBossESB, providing (above all) WS-* support in ESB zero code webservice invocation.

We have already opened discussion on 1.2 roadmap too and something will be announced very very soon. At least we will support CXF as underlying stack, provide a first release of webgui module.
Join the discussion on our forums and give your 2c on roadmap discussion and/or give us your feedback about current version. Of course feel free to report bugs or feature requests in our Jira

We also aims to write a series of post on this blog with some complex samples (i.e. using smooks mapper in a complex webservice client application), step by step guide to use Wise in a seam application, or ruby and so on. You should expect also some previews of our webgui modules here.

A special thanks to Tom Fennelly of Smooks project for all the help provided in this release.

Stay tuned!