Monday, November 17, 2008

Wise 1.0 roadmap

Wise team has just started the coding phase driving us to 1.0 release.

Some highlight of 1.0 roadmap:
Moreover this release would provide a stable API to our user.

Would you lend an hand? Join our forums, discuss issues with us, test 0.9 release and provide patches and purpose new features. If you want to contribute don't miss our contributor guideline

We have also started a discussion about Wise webgui that will not be in this relase, but could be very interesting, and for which we would like very much contributions from community (and we are also getting some!)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Wise 0.9 released

We are proud to announce the first JBoss's release of Wise project.

This release contains only the Wise-core module with all basic features enabled. Take a look to our Programmers guide for a complete description of the features and possible uses of our APIs.

Some cool features we would remark are:
  1. One line of code invocation
  2. Interactively explore your wsdl objects
  3. Support of Groovy
  4. Support of standard and Smooks' based JAX-WS handlers
  5. WiseMapper: from your own object model to the generated JAX-WS model and vice versa. We Support year both Smooks and your own custom mapper.
We are working hard to define the definitive roadmap for 1.0 release (scheduled before the end of the year) and we will post about here very soon.

This first release have to be considered as a preview release kicked out to ask feedback from the community for our APIs. We don't consider at this level API stable, but we would stabilize them before the end of the year and so we are publishing a preview of our 1.0 release.
Please have a look, get it to play and give us feedback in our developer forum. Of course don't hesitate to ask help in our user forum too.

Stay tuned for 1.0 could get some great surprises ;)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Reasons for a code donation

As said in announcing post Wise comes from a code donation.

I have just posted on my personal blog my reasons for this code donation.

I'm cross posting here because community may be interested ;)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wise is project

We are proud to announce Wise is a project.

Wise is an acronym standing for Wise Invokes Services Easily

Wise comes from a code donation by Stefano Maestri and Alessio Soldano and it has already been included in JBossESB 4.4 as new webservice client.

What is Wise? In a nutshell it's building a java framework to invoke webservices easily, usable as base for zero-code webservices invocation application. But it's much more than this, aiming to provide also a web based generic interface to invoke web service, and a tool keeping track of serice invocations and soap message exchanged.

Take a look to its homepage for much more infos.

We will have in few days our first release signed and a bright roadmap is coming too on this blog.

Stay tuned