Monday, July 5, 2021

Wise' swan song?

It is with a bitter sweet sense that I write here 5yrs after my latest post... but I think I owe the community an explanation.

Anyone who happened to follow the Wise GUI development I was happy to talk about back in 2016 most probably noticed that the PR for bringing Wise into WildFly eventually got reverted before WildFly 11 release.  The initial attempt to add the GUI component to the application server was adding a couple of seconds to the boot time and no agreement could be achieved on the approach to workaround that. Effectively, the Wise project definitely entered maintenance only mode and the few contributors moved to other tasks.

Fast forward to 2021, as the core of Wise is still in use in a few Red Hat products, the maintenance requirements led us (Stefano and me) to refreshing our memories of the project: I've spent a few days on upgrading dependencies and even happened to resolve multiple years old jiras tickets... eventually ending up with a library that runs on these days WildFly versions (23, 22, 21), consuming JBossWS 5 series components. I admit this has given me a bit of satisfaction ;-)

So, yes, here is Wise Core 2.2.0.Final, a nice new minor with a fairly decent payload. Unfortunately, I can't promise anything about the future. Still, should anyone want to invest time on this library, the github repository is there waiting for contributions!