Friday, October 1, 2010

Wise will be at JUDCon (Berlin 7-8 October)

As cross posted here, I'll present Wise projcet during next upcoming JUDcon.
As you can see from the agenda the speech will part of "Soa and integration track" and will be focused on this points:

  • Wise core:

    • Support of WS-*

    • Integration in ESB

    • One line WS calls

    • API to explore the dynamic generated stubs

  • Wise-wegui:

    • A tool to help business analysts during validation tests of WS

    • The legacy web GUI and how it has been used in my company during the last year

    • The upcoming GWT gui

  • LMS: Logging Meta Service

  • The Wise Code donation: why have I donated my pet project to

I'll post here and there a report of the speech and slides too.

I hope I'll have also opportunities to have some interesting lightning talks about Wise and/or TestedBy during spare time there. Twitter, comment on the blog, or email are all fine if you want to contact me about that. I'll probably post in next days some proposal to have a run together too :)

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