Monday, January 26, 2009

Wise 1.0.1 is on the way

Wise's team has decided to publish a 1.0.1 release shortly.

We are doing that because we are doing some improvement related to our integration with JBoss ESB. Moreover we have found some subtle concurrency issue and we have fixed them.

That said, I'm writing this post mainly to announce that starting from Wise-core will be also a deployable sar in JBoss AS supporting Wise based webservice invocation also from web application and EJB. If you have time take a look to our svn and in particular to 2 samples demonstrating this use:
  1. HelloWorldServlet that demonstrate the use of Wise-core into a servlet
  2. seamSample that is a seam-gen generated sample which is able to invoke a webservice using Wise-core API with very little coding.
Any suggestions and feedbacks about would be very very appreciated through our Jira or our forums.

After this release we will concentrate on Wise 1.1 that will be focused on our web GUI tools on which we are getting help from a new member of our team (welcome Fabrizio!).

If you like Wise and all efforts we are doing about, don't forget that our Project Leader (Stefano Maestri, is an external contributor and he is enlisted for JBoss Community Leader Award. Your vote would be more than welcome.

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